Retail Prices

Retail Prices

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Formation of Private Limited Company in England & Wales, incl. Certificate of Incorporation, one set of Memorandum & Articles of Association, copy of Minutes from first meeting of the Board of Directors, and registration of company with H M Revenue & Customs £60
Registered Office: Forwarding of mail from Companies House and H M Revenue & Customs only £180 p.a.
UK service address for Director (home address kept confidential): Forwarding of mail from Companies House £180 p.a.
Company Secretary £180 p.a.
Maintenance of Company Register £180 p.a.
Submission of Annual Return to Companies House £150p.a.
Nominee Shareholder £180 p.a.
Director (corporate – restricted use) £600 p.a.
Director (individual) £2,750 p.a.
Change of company name £180
Change of Registered Office £90
Change of accounting reference date £90
Change or addition of Director or Company Secretary £90
Stock transfer valued up to £1,000 £180
Stock transfer valued at more than £1,000 £180 + 0.5%
Increase in paid-up share capital, per shareholder £180
Increase in nominal share capital £180
Dividends, per dividend resolution and voucher £90
Restoration of Register of Members £180
Annual General Meeting (if applicable) £180
Annual tax return (CT600) to H M Revenue & Customs for UK limited company £180
Annual Accounts to Companies House for dormant company £180
Annual Accounts to Companies House for company with annual turnover  
– of up to £100,000
– between £100,000 and £250,000
– over £250,000, per hour
Quarterly payroll, min. per quarter £100
End-of-year payroll filing £100
Application for dissolution of company £180
Restoration of a dissolved company £2,500
Handling fee for penalty payments, per payment £35
Official Company Seal (for use in UK only) £100
Formation of overseas companies, including offshore companies Negotiable
UK landline telephone number with redirection, 12 months * £300
UK landline fax number with fax forwarding by e-mail, 12 months £300
Weekly mail forwarding, 12 months * £600
Weekly mail forwarding, 3 months * £180
Other work, per hour £180
Registration of Internet-domain Min. £30 p.a.
Website-hosting Min. £80 p.a.


Payment may be made by phone, letter, or fax with Visa, MasterCard, Solo, and Switch. Payment may also be made by bank transfer or by cheque issued in British Pounds Sterling (GBP).


All fees are payable in advance unless otherwise stated and unless charged by the hour. UK VAT of 20% will be added to all fees, except where the customer is not in the EU or is an EU VAT registered business outside the UK. No refunds will be made and no compensation will be paid unless Anglodan Services Ltd has not acted in accordance with agreed instructions. However, Anglodan may, at its sole discretion, offer full or partial refunds in cases where the service in question has not been provided or has only been provided in part.

* Clients are invoiced for the actual cost of postage and redirected telephone calls on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depending on volume. Anglodan may, at its discretion, decide not to invoice for trivial amounts. Mail Forwarding is paid in advance on a quarterly or annual basis.